Baile Corcra is a planet in an alternate universe similiar to earth with some unique differences.  The sky has a hazy green tint, almost yellowish-green that plays on the eyes, and causes visibility issues.  Most of the vegetation is different shades of purple, and sometimes blue.  Some of the plant life is also hostile. The planet has most of the natural resources that one would expect to find on earth, with some added surprises. Native aliens and animals populate the planet sparsely, along with humans and other aliens unwilling transported over time.

I had orginally planned on a survivalist style sci fi novel with hopes of it complimenting a PC game that I have dabbled with over the years, but a boisterous bunch of 12-14 year olds on a Middle School Bus have determined otherwise.  They have become my defacto contributors to the story.  The first book is in the hands of my editor, which I hope to publish soon.