Imagine finishing a day of classes at your Middle School, hopping on your bus heading home.  Half way home a blinding bright light completely engulfs your bus and when it disappears you find yourself in a completely different world.

Welcome to Baile Corcra, a pre-industrialized sparsely populated planet in an unknown galaxy.  Follow the exploits of the students through their own eyes as they struggle to adapt and survive in an alien world.  From hazy green skies and purple grass, to vicious humans, aliens and hostile plant life the students will face challenges to survive and grow into a strong self-reliant community.  They rest their hope on two adults whom they thought were just school-bus drivers.  Can they adjust to the new world, or will they become the next victims of a hostile planet? 

G. C. Lian


The Novels (Click on a book for the preview)

 Baile Corcra Series 

(Juvenile/Young Adult)

Lian Twin's Novels


 BaiLe CoRcra AdVenTuRes 

(Elementary School Readers)

The Reference Section:  (The World of Baile Corcra) 

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