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(Jun 2018)

Thirty-five years ago a school bus full of middle-school students found themselves involuntarily transferred by portal to an alien planet called Baile Corcra.  Through countless struggles and assistance from the native aliens known as the Kleyn, they established a thriving republic using the United States as their guide.

One cold January morning the youngest daughter of the former Secretary of the Treasury is found murdered by a cruel form of execution not seen since a Civil War between the natives over 30 years ago.  Two days later the youngest son of the Special Forces Academy Commandant is found murdered in another horrific manner.

Recognizing a serial killer is targeting the children of the original middle-school students; the founder of the republic Charles 'Sarge' Lian tasks his twin grandchildren Patrick Lian, a top notch detective, and his sister Elaine Lian, the republic's leading forensics expert to track down the killer before fear paralyzes the republic.