Below are maps of some of the locations on the northern continent of Baile Corcra, where most of the action in my books take place. 

The Original Baile Corcra Territory (DHA SLEIBHTE, Irish for "Two Mountains") enlarged, where the Humans from Earth arrived through the portal.

DIE NEUE VATERLAND (The New Fatherland):  In 1940 a group of Nazi Germans consisting of 8 Officers and 80 Hitler Youth (boys and girls) found themselves stranded on Baile Corcra when their buses hit a portal on a field trip to Switzerland.  By the time Sarge and his students arrived on Baile Corcra, the Germans had an establish nation, with the only military that carried firearms on the planet.  They called themselves the Banne, and still followed the Nazi system of government. 

The Coast of the Water Kleyn Federation where its two most populated cities are located.  At the time of Sarge's arrival they called themselves the Water Kleyn.  Their populace was both the native cerulean colored skin Kleyn, and descendants of Japanese that arrived via portal around the early 1900's from Earth.  They became a strong ally of Sarge, and fought a constant war against raiders along their coast known as the Hnikkit and Unte Dirz (two alien races transported around the late 1980's from their home worlds). 

The Grassland Kleyn Union:  The lower and central area of the original Grassland Kleyn territory.  The native Kleyn establish a central ruling government in the territory with a Leader and a ruling council.  A civil war occurred around 2014 that pitted rebels who hated humans and other Kleyn among all the different Kleyn on Baile Corcra.  The Grassland Kleyn territory became occupied by the rebels until the bloody civil war was finished. 

Below is the map of the Republic of Baile Corca which was established in 2017 by the first written Treaty on Baile Corcra.